Dynasty has brought her #DreamPusher movement to audiences in:

Paris, France

Cluj, Romania

Naples, Italy

Budapest, Hungary

Stockholm, Sweden

Sopot, Poland

Berlin, Germany

Linz, Austria and so many more places throughout the world!

She has also been featured on/in:

Passion and purpose

 dynasty, the dreampusher

Clients are saying:

When I asked you to come to our school last year, I would have never guessed that you would do so with such enthusiasm. Clearly, you are incredibly passionate about giving back to your community and making connections with those who need encouragement the most. You are an amazing role model for young people, because you transfer your love of music in a positive and responsible way to them. Your words are powerful, and clear, not to mention that your delivery is incredibly positive. Young people need more exposure to artists like you through mainstream media. - B.  Fuzvolgyi,  8th Grade Language Arts, Adams Middle School

After the girls finished lunch today, we just played your video on a huge screen, and the girls were in total awe and reverence!  Some of them will be following up with their counselors about what was brought up.  You are so real about so many realities that they face every day.   It was SUCH a FANTASTIC touch that you spoke before, between and after.  Thank you for creating that masterpiece for us. Thank you so so much.  
So many girls' lives will be touched, and I know that because of the pureness of your heart and intention that your prosperity will continue to grow! - E. Lenes,  PACE Center for Girls

We've received countless messages, phone calls and social media responses about your wonderful vibe and phenomenal talents, and we are sure that donations and compliments have yet to cease arriving. L. Boyd -Founder, Super Moms with Sickle Cell


...and more!